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Table top cooking appliances 4 burner

table top 4 stove gas burner

high pressure gas stove with manual ignition

table top stainless steel design easy to stay clean

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Table top cooking appliances gas cooktop gas stove four burner

Item BZ004
Material Stainless Steel
Size 595*600*150mm
Power source LPG
Ignition Manual ignition
Remark Please use High pressure valve



The last time we show you one method to clean the stainless steel, hope can help you to clean the stove, and this time, we’re going to show you the another way to clean the stainless steel stove, here we go!


Method 2, Cleaning your stove

Wipe down your appliances in the direction of the grain. 

Get a washcloth slightly damp and then wipe down your stove. Start at the top of your stove and work your way downwards as you clean. Remember to clean in the direction of the grain. Vertical grains should be wiped down vertically and horizontal grains should be wiped down horizontally.


Apply a special cleaner for harsh stains.

After giving your stone an initial cleaning with your detergent solution, look for any harsh stains. If there is any splattered food or grease on your stove, use a special cleaner to remove it.

Cleaners containing oxalic acid are usually the best course of action for a stainless steel stove.

However, you should double check your owner's manual to make sure such cleaners are safe for your stove.

When applying a cleaner on dirt and grease stains, remember to move your rag in the direction of the grain.


Rinse and dry your stove.

After applying cleaners, rinse your stove off completely. Dampen a clean wash cloth with hot water. Run it over the stove, moving in the direction of the grain, until the water runs clear. Immediately dry your stove with a paper towel or cloth.

It's very important to use hot water only to rinse off a stainless steel stove.


Shine with oil.

To give your stove a nice shine after cleaning, dip a soft cloth in a small amount of oil, such as mineral or olive oil. Moving in the direction of the grain, give your stove a quick polishing. This will remove any streaks from the cleaning process and leave your stove shiny.


Method 3, Avoiding common mistakes

Avoid abrasive brushes or cleaners. 

Only use paper towel and soft cloths on a stainless steel stove. Harsh, abrasive brushes, like steel wool, will very easily scratch stainless steel.

Do not use any kind of bleach. 

Bleach of any kind should never be used on stainless steel. Chloride products and oven cleaners often contain bleach, which can seriously damage stainless steel.

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