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strong flame gas burner

singe/ double tube gas burner.

white/ black color can be choose. 

each have 4 size. 

high fire stove can be table top use. 

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singe/ double tube gas burner. white/ black color can be choose. each have 4 size. high fire stove can be table top use.


A fast and high heat is essential for true wok cooking, CLUX’s popular high pressure burners have turbo-like heat and are specially designed for intense wok cooking.

This high pressure gas burner is also great for camping and outdoor cooking since the high pressure flame is difficult to be blown out by wind and will boil up pots of liquid in minutes.

This LP gas high pressure burner is portable and versatile, anyone can enjoy cooking like a professional chef at home.


For more about this product, we have two colors: white and black.

Each color have 4 size, so that whatever you wanna use any cookware, both can meet your requirement. Of course, the most important thing you might think about: can this product stand alone on the counter?

Of course it can. This portable gas burner not only have high pressure, we also have low pressure design. Which one is single tube, and the other is double tube.

This strong fire gas burner is MANUAL IGNITION. So that it would be safer while you using this product.


Please take attention while you use this product, put it on the plat position before light the fire. Close valve if not in use for a long time.


For more you might wanna know:

  • Do you provide samples? Is it free or extra?

Yes, we can provide one sample, and we usually charge double times of price.


  • Do you support mix orders?

Yes, our company totally support mix orders into one container.


  • What’s your payment term?

You can have flexibility to choose the following payment terms that work best for your budget. You can also place orders in our, just search “CLUX” then you can find our online store. More and more new item will update on that too. Hope you would love that, and you can follow us to get the newest information. 

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