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Responsibility to cheer up China and the Olympics

Recently, a magical power from China is secretly infiltrating the Internet.

When the weightlifter Shi Zhiyong won the Olympic championship again in C language, more and more foreigners have learned this mysterious spell-WOCAO!

Chinese food, silk, porcelain, poetry, things that we have inherited for thousands of years, we have to meet a little bit of dissatisfaction in the process of exporting. But in the summer of 2021, WOCAO suddenly emerged and became a powerful and mysterious code for Chinese cultural output.

Master C language, not afraid to travel all over the world.

In fact, long before the Tokyo Olympics, Shi Zhiyong, Lu Xiaojun and other top Chinese weightlifters had many fans abroad.

A series of national curses such as WOCAO are commonly known as the mysterious C language from the East. Shi Zhiyong is not the patriarch of the C language, but he has contributed to the global promotion of the C language.

In this Olympics, he did not humiliate his identity as a c linguist. Before going on the court, he directly said "ctmlgb" to cheer for himself.

Of course, women do not want to be frowned. On the badminton courts of the Tokyo Olympics, a brand-new c language master is emerging.

Chen Qingchen, Chinese badminton women's doubles player. In the recent duel with South Korean players, the opponent yelled for no reason, and repeatedly tying shoelaces and other malicious behaviors seriously interfered with the game. Chen Qingchen did not want to bear any longer and decided to show off the cultural killer, the c language-WOCAO, to perform multiple cultural and technical beatings on his opponent, and wanted to subdue him.

Closer to home, in competitive sports, using the full of breath to mobilize the muscles of the whole body to continuously exert force is a common motivation mode, which can relieve the pressure and roar out the sinking gas in the body. Swear words are almost the most direct emotional expression of all human beings. On the one hand, according to absolute scientific research, researcher Adrianus Vingerhoets of Tilburg University in the Netherlands and others summarized some of the benefits of swear words, such as reducing pain, bringing confidence, Enhance persuasiveness and reliability, etc.


Some researchers pointed out that the researcher Adrianus Vingerhoets et al. (2013) pointed out that the reason why people speak swear words is often due to neurological (brain developmental problems, mental disorders, etc.), psychology (personality traits, stress, etc.) or environment ( People, scenes, etc.) factors, which cause emotional arousal and increase the level of stress.

The fragrant mouth breath can satisfy the individual's internal or interpersonal functions (intra-individual functions or inter-individual functions) at this time. The satisfaction of individual internal functions is mainly for the purpose of venting emotions. Oral fragrant venting can directly vent emotions, and instead of other ways of venting, such as using physical attacks to hurt yourself or others.

Finally, my dear friend, don't always worry so much. When you feel it, please shout as much as you like: WOCAO!

Post time: Jul-29-2021