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high pressure kitchen 4 stove gas burner

kitchen 4 stove gas burner

high pressure gas stove with manual ignition

table top stainless steel design easy to stay clean

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4 burenrs long


Commercial high pressure kitchen cooktops 4 stove gas burner

Item BZ009
Material Stainless Steel
Size 1340*330*175 mm
Power source LPG
Ignition Manual ignition
Remark Please use High pressure valve





How to Clean a Stainless Steel Stove?

Stainless steel stoves are usually cleaned with vinegar and a mild cleaning solution. Make sure you know the grain of your stove so you can clean in that direction. Then, prepare and apply your cleaner. Avoid abrasive brushes and bleach to prevent damage to your stove.


Read the owner's manual. 

Before cleaning your stove, it's always a good idea to read the owner's manual if you still have it. Some stainless steel stoves may come with specific cleaning instructions. Certain cleaners may damage some types of stainless steel. If you have your stove's instruction manual, give it a thorough read through before cleaning your stove.

Determine the direction of the grain.

Look at your stove closely. You should see small lines running across the stove. The lines will either run horizontally or vertically. When cleaning, it's important you move in the direction the grain runs. This helps prevent scratching and other damage.

Remove initial debris of vinegar.

Place some vinegar in a spray bottle. Liberally spritz the surface of the stove with vinegar. Use a paper towel or a very soft cloth to wipe down the stove, catching any obvious dirt and debris in your hands.

Remember the directions in your owner's manual. If you are not supposed to use vinegar on your stove, choose another mild cleanser.

Mix a cleaning solution. 

Most stainless steel stoves can be cleaned with mild dish-washing detergent. Mix a teaspoon of dish detergent into a quart of hot water. It is not necessary to use bottled or distilled water. Tap water can easily be used on stainless steel.

Make sure to wear gloves to protect your hands from hot water.


Will show you another way to clean the stove, please follow us, show you in the next article.

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