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Gas Stove

The kitchen is where inspiration, creativity, and exploration abound-and with the new CLUX Gas stove, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Completely redesigned and featuring exclusive. This two burner gas stove are stunning as they are innovation.

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Product Description

Item Gas Stove
Features Easily Assembled/Easily Cleaned
Product size 670*450*170 mm
Installation Table top
Surface Material Stainless steel
Gas Type N.G or L.P.G
Remark Use low pressure valve

Like most other types of gas stove, this is made of stainless steel, which is easy assembled and easy cleaned. This two burner gas stove have a big cooking area, which put on most of the cooking utensil. Not only LPG is available, but also nature gas. Of course, for more details please contact us.


About this item

4 Burners long pattern Gas Stove

Get better at multiple test using one gas stove embedded with multiple burners. This 4 Burner Gas Stove is made to operate manually, assuring highly efficient performance. Featuring a spill-proof design, this gas stove is safe from spills while cooking.

It assures easy cleaning & maintenance, Safe, time-saving and convenient to use, each piece is designed to last long. The beautiful aesthetic for your kitchen has dimensions of 670*450 mm. this brings to the discerning products that are an ideal combination of aesthetics and performance.

Stylish Design

A wide-body stainless steel big gas cooktop designed to take care of all the 4 utensils simultaneously. The burners are placed for easy access. Stainless Steel body ensures your stove stays good looking for years to come. 4 burners stove can improve your cooking efficiency, which can more enjoy cooking time. and this one is long pattern, even though your kitchen is not wide enough, you can put this on the table. of course, we also have square pattern, too. 

Spill Proof SS Drip tray

Spill-proof design ensures easy cleaning and maintenance. This gas stove comes with Stainless steel drip tray to gather spills and overflows while keeping the cooktop clean.

Heat Proof Knobs

The knobs are ergonomically designed for firm grip and comfort while cooking. Moreover, they are heatproof giving you full safety in this matter. These international looks knobs are strong and sturdy to use.

Powder Coated Strong Pan support

The purpose of these supports is to provide ample support at the base of the pan such that they maintain their balance on the stove and do not fall off easily. Since the coating is scratch-free and non-reactive, the thickness of these supports ensures that they serve purpose extremely well preventing any accidents which might occur in the kitchen.

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