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Cast iron wok gas burner

cast iron gas burner

strong fire fast heat

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Cast iron wok gas burner cooking gas stove

LPG Pressure:
gas type:
Gas or LPG
Cast Iron
Electronic Pulse Type lgnitor
Packing size:
use low pressure valve
4.5 kg
Model item





Products include: cast-iron furnaces for outdoor use, low pressure hoses ,strong fire gas burner. Install the required screws and nuts. Table top design, easy to take outside at anywhere.

Product advantages: rotary fire hole, gather the flame, make the firepower more powerful. Large air inlet, so that the air into more sufficient. Propane tube and stove are connected at right Angle, reasonable use of space. Equipped with ventilation switch, let the flame size control in your hands.

Product Information:Cast iron furnace size is 42cm long, 29cm wide, 14cm high. The output power is 2400W to meet your needs. The hose is large enough to connect to a propane tank. With a maximum load of 55 pounds, it can cook large quantities of food and meet the needs of many people. The design is detachable and easy to carry.

Product use: portable camping stove, compact size, is your home travel necessary good products. No matter where you are camping, you can cook and enjoy delicious food anytime and anywhere with this product. Of course, you can also use it for a party with family and friends in an open backyard.

Quality after-sales service: we pay great attention to the customer's use experience, to provide customers with perfect products is our purpose. If you have any questions about the products, you can come to consult, we are waiting for you.

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