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30inch Steel Charcoal Fire Pit

[Durable] Outdoor fire pit is made from steel mesh and solid frame, long-lasting.

[Multipurpose] Sturdy design with special pattern is ideal for warmth, BBQ, ice bucket.

[Design] Decorative square fire pit features attractive faux stone line design.

[Safety] Mesh lid encloses the fire, preventing sparks or debris flying.

[Assembly] Easy to install. FREE cover for keeping this metal fire pit clean and avoid rusty.

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Can you use charcoal in a fire pit?

Having a backyard fire pit is a cozy way to get together with family or friends. Fire pits can be anything from a hole dug in the ground to a sturdier piece of equipment made of metal, brick, or some other hard material. But, users often like to experiment with what can be burned in their pit, and many wonder about charcoal’ s effectiveness in one.

Yes, you can use charcoal in a fire pit. Charcoal is wood thats been burned in an oxygen-deprived area, but it is still able to burn more, create heat, and is a great option if you plan to cook in your fire pit.

There are other ways of fueling your fire pit, depending on the pit you have. Lets look at the different ways to fuel one.


Fueling A Fire Pit With Charcoal

Charcoal is created through burning wood with little oxygen around. Fire pit enthusiasts enjoy using the substance for the following reasons: 

Easily available and purchased in any store.

Easily lighted

Keeps high temperature

No smoky odor is emitted, so if used for grilling, the smoky flavor wont overpower the food.


Choosing the Right Type of Charcoal

There are different charcoal types available.

Pressed charcoal. This charcoal is the regular one that you can buy from any grocery store. They mix small pieces of wood and other materials like seeds, and the addition of chemical binders and igniters helps it ignite faster and stay lit longer.

Pressed charcoal with smoking woods. Smoking woods, like hickory, are incorporated into the charcoal to give it the smoked flavor when you grill. Both kinds of pressed charcoal have a match light’ version.

Lump charcoal is made from pure hardwood firewood that has been blackened and scorched. Heat is more intense and being chemical-free gives food a better flavor.


Benefits of Having A Charcoal Fire Pit

Why should you get a fire pit? Aesthetics are not the only advantage to having one.

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