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3 burner gas grill

Gas grills are the most popular type of outdoor grills, mainly because they provide the convenience of cooking light meals outdoors. CLUX’s 3 infrared ceramic burners can meet the needs of barbecues and camping.

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The Smoker Propane Tabletop Grill is built for BBQ-grillers on the go and perfect for camping, tailgating, picnics, or any outdoor use. The compact design with mini body and a large front carry handle makes this grill very portable and easy to transport or store. The grill operates on small, disposable, one-pound propane cylinders (not included), which are available nationwide as a common camping accessory item. The long-lasting stainless steel construction allows you to experience outdoor cooking wherever you enjoy it most.

BURNER: 3 Infrared ceramic burner
COOKING POWER: Up to 3, 000 total BTUs
COOKING AREA: 48sq. in.
PORTABLE DESIGN WITH EASY SETUP: Removable legs and cooktop inserts fit inside inverted wok for easy storage; locking latches secure contents in transit​
EASY TO CLEAN: Water tray catches cooking grease
PUSH-BUTTON IGNITION: For matchless lighting

High Quality Paint Stainless Steel Shell, more safety and convenient to clean or use.Special designed vents, ensure the bbq grill can work in a good condition.Removable stainless steel food&condiments tray, convenient to flavour's seasoning.Manual knob with piezoelectric ignition, easier and quicker in temperature controlling.Cost-effective ceramic burners keep lower consumption with high efficiency.Adjustable grid height, easier control in roasting degree.Portable design, well suitable in many complex situation. 
First of all, select the low-pressure valve to link the gas bottle, so that the grill gets the gas as a power; Then on the other side of the trachea and we burn oven into port casing. In burn oven low-end pull ring clasp, pull the drip tray and drip pan in certain water (the water here is a in order to facilitate clean care, 2 it is to prevent the body temperature is too high, to achieve the effect of constant temperature, so the water really it is universal), then on the burner to prevent we prepared for you to block the fireboard (with the selection of glass and steel sheet).

Here, you can normally enjoy your pleasant delicious barbecue, put on the grill net, open the switch of the barbecue grills, you can use the normal, highly recommended when baking steak, because of the temperature.

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